Troop 1 Scout Coffee

Who Is Coffee has partnered with Northborough Troop 1 Scouts to benefit local and international communities all while providing you a delicious coffee fix! 

Proceeds from this campaign support character building, leadership training and community service activities for Troop 1 Scouts.

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About the Scouts

The Northborough Trailblazers, BSA Troop 1 has joined forces with Who Is Coffee for its fundraising campaign. With every bag of delicious Troop 1-labeled coffee that is purchased, you are helping fund the mission of scouting and the adventures that mold the youth of Northborough into tomorrow's leaders.

Continuously chartered since 1924, Troop 1 has been an active boy scout troop for over 98 years. The Troop continues to actively serve the local community while pioneering methods that promote the ideals of Scouting in ways that are relevant to our community’s youth.


Following the BSA youth-led approach to scouting, Troop 1’s annual program offers challenging outdoor experiences that promote:

  • Personal Growth and Leadership
  • Citizenship Training
  • Adventure-Based Fellowship
  • Exploration of Life's Opportunities
  • Years of shared experiences result in long-lasting friendships as well as foster devotion to family, community and the environment. Troop 1 practices the Scout Oath and Law and works to incorporate these tenets into its members daily habits and lives. Many of the adult leaders in Troop 1 were once scouts themselves and agree it is the best way to pay scouting forward.

Here are what some of our Scouts had to say about Troop 1


“Troop 1 helps me be a better person. I like that I have a chance to make new friends, even some who are older than me.”


“I love camping and cooking outside with my friends.”


“Troop 1 means to me: friendship, happiness, and being outdoors. Scouting means the world to me!”


“I like Troop 1 because we do fun stuff like Camp Squanto and Freeze-out. I’ve made a lot of friends through Troop 1. I’m looking forward to climbing the six peaks of New England and getting to Eagle.”


“The process of becoming independent, getting your hands dirty and experiencing the outdoors is something you can’t really put into words.”


“I like learning camping skills with my friends.”


“It’s a great opportunity for adventures, to learn and do things you would never normally do, to go places not many have been, to become a better person and to support the Northborough community.”


“Troop 1 is special to me because they make me feel like a part of something great”


“It means to be part of something bigger, to give back to the community which has supported us.”

About Who Is Coffee


Who Is Coffee was founded by Lucas and Vicente when they decided to quit their corporate jobs to have a positive impact in the world.

They created Who Is Coffee to be a vessel for local and international social impact while empowering consumers to choose higher quality coffee. Who Is Coffee buys its specialty coffee directly from Colombian farmers, paying them a higher, fairer price for their product.

The Who Is Coffee brand comes secondary to the people who are displayed on the label. Who Is Coffee puts the spotlight on the stories of those featured on its coffee labels - both coffee farmers and scouts! - all while delivering outstanding coffee.

Who Is Coffee shares Troop 1’s value of responsibility, integrity and fair trade by supporting farming communities in underprivileged areas and encouraging responsible and sustainable agricultural practices.