Who Is Coffee


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This is the only dark roast that you will want. Bold and flavorful yet not bitter. 

Best recommended for espresso, drip and any milk based coffee drinks.

Tasting Notes
Cacao and Molasses

Variety: Caturra and Castillo
Process: WASHED
Elevation Range: 1650 METERS
Roast Type: DARK ROAST


Additional Information
The above tasting notes are naturally occurring from the soil and environment where the coffee is grown. The coffee is not artificially altered to obtain the natural tasting profile.

Across all of our coffees, we paid an average of twice as much as the commodity price of coffee on the date of purchase. Assuming 22 cups per bag, your cup of specialty single-farm coffee only costs $0.82.

Ana Maria's farm is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

Net Weight: 12oz (340g)