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Most coffee sold today is a mixture of low quality beans from different parts of the world. You have no idea who grew the coffee, where it was grown, or if it was purchased fairly. There is no transparency, there is no fairness and there is no flavor. 

We aren’t afraid to tell you the whole story, because we don’t have anything to hide. In fact, we only have things to show. 

We introduce you to your coffee farmers. We open the window into a new world of flavors and experiences. A world that provides you direct access to specialty single-farm coffees that we have personally sourced, roasted and delivered to your home. And we provide damn good coffee. 

May your coffee experience be ever elevated!

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Who Is ana maría

Ana María is an inspiring young Colombian woman. Instead of selling the family’s farm when her grandfather passed away, she decided to become a coffee farmer too. Since then, she has worked relentlessly to improve the farm’s processes, working conditions and environmental practices to produce exquisite cups of Colombian coffee.

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Coffee Bundles

We have carefully crafted coffee bundles based on the various flavor profiles found within our coffee. Whether you are new to specialty coffee or a seasoned expert, there is a perfect selection for you. And even better, you can save money by buying in bundles.

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