Who is Coffee (?)

We are Vicente and Lucas, and we are excited to present you Who Is Coffee.

Have you ever asked yourself: who is coffee? Who has invested their blood, sweat and tears into the delicious caffeinated beverage that you enjoy every morning? Who grew the plant that produced the coffee beans? Who harvested it? Who roasted the coffee, packaged it, and sent it to your home? Who Is Coffee is about putting names and faces to - and telling the stories of - the people that are passionate about coffee, from its production to its tasting.

Who Is Coffee is also about telling the stories of the coffee by introducing you to its amazing natural flavors. Flavors that you may not have tasted in your cup before. And flavors that will allow you to experience the environment of the specific origin of that coffee. Each cup will transport you to the farm where the coffee was grown and where the beans were harvested.

So how did we, Lucas and Vicente, discover Who Is Coffee? Well… we moved to Colombia to find out. We searched the country to find stories of farmers and of coffees. And we set out to tell you those stories.

And we learned a lot, too. We learned that many farmers are unaware of the unpolished gems that they produce. They often sell their specialty coffee at lowball prices to large corporations, without recognition and without fair payment. We think that this is wrong. No good coffee should be wasted, and no large corporation should exploit hard-working farmers. So we also set out to change that.

Our goal is to bring farmers' coffee to your cup, while paying farmers fairly for their coffee, their labor and their passion. In the process, we will show you their faces, tell you their story, and let their voices be heard, so that you can finally know… Who Is Coffee.

By purchasing our coffee, you will not only have access to incredible coffees, you will also have a direct impact on the lives of the farmers who you choose to support.

In search of Who is Coffee,