Coffee FAQ

What is single-farm coffee?

Single-farm coffee is, well… entirely from a single farm. That means that the coffee trees were grown and that the coffee beans were harvested and processed on a same farm. On farms that are small enough, that whole process is sometimes accomplished by just one farmer.

Why is single-farm coffee better?

Single-farm coffee is better because it is unique. You will never taste the same cup from two different farms. Single-farm coffee allows complete traceability and transparency: you can know exactly where the coffee comes from, who grew it, how it was grown and collected, which fertilizers were used, which norms were respected, how the harvesters were treated, etc. The full control over those factors can result in extremely special cups that express subtle and explosive flavors.

How do you choose the farms on the website?

Lucas and Vicente spend months traveling across the coffee regions of Colombia to find coffee farms and farmers that showed the perfect balance between an exceptional coffee and a compelling story. We have visited – and revisited – every farm featured on Who Is Coffee and have personal relationships which each of our farmers.

Do you know a coffee farm that we should visit?

Do you love your coffee so much that you want to meet the farmer? Trips to origin are an excellent way to create an intimate connection with your daily coffee. Should you wish to visit the farm your favorite coffee came from, please reach out to to obtain further information.

How is coffee like wine?

Like wine, every coffee is unique. It expresses the essence of its environment and the know-how of its growers. The soil of a farm, geographic location, altitude, exposure to sun will influence how the coffee trees grow – that is the terroir factor. Variable factors, like sunshine, rain levels, winds and the exposure to certain plagues will also influence the taste of coffee harvested from the same trees year over year. Finally, the know-how of the farmer, from how to tend to coffee trees as they grow to when and how to pick the coffee cherries to how to process those cherries will have a tremendous impact on the final quality of the cup.