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Who Is Alejandro

Alejandro is an engineer by training whose dreams were to work overseas until unforeseen circumstances placed coffee in his life.  Since then, he has brought his curiosity, meticulous detail and precision to the coffee world.  His coffees are exclusive micro-lots that demonstrate his unique know-how.

Alejandro's Story

Alejandro did not want to become a coffee farmer. He didn’t even like coffee that much. And he was (and still is!) allergic to the coffee bean’s parchment skin (don’t know what parchment skin is? Learn about it here.

Out of necessity and chance, life put coffee in his path. He took over his father’s farm at 16, after his father’s passing, shattering his dreams to leave Colombia for Europe.

But as time went by, he started to fall in love with running his farm and his interest in the coffee cultivation process started to bloom. He spent his days studying mechanical engineering, and his nights and weekends tending to the farm. And he decided to apply his engineering background to coffee. A true scientist, he began to tinker and experiment with different ideas and processes. He planted exotic varieties and developed innovative processes. And created exceptional coffees.

From there, Alejandro’s intrigue transformed into genuine love. He speaks of his thousands of coffee plants as his “children” and his love for them beams from his eyes. Because of his unique approach, his coffees are exclusive and impactful. His creations are always experimental, and his batches are always small.

Try to get your hands on them before they run out.