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Who is José David

José David has seen a lot. Transformation is at the heart of this farm.  Despite being overrun by warring cartels in the 1990’s, Finca CR has become an oasis of peace right in the city of Medellin. Today, José David focuses on growing clean coffee, while using a variety of generation-old processes, and spends his spare time teaching best farming practices to other growers of the region.

José David's Story

Picture Medellín in the nineties. It was frightful. The second largest city in Colombia was overwhelmed by rival drug cartels. It was the murder capital of the world, with almost 20 homicides... per day. Yet, that is precisely when and where José David’s uncle decided to purchase a coffee farm. A few years later, he was murdered.  

Over thirty years have passed and the farm is still in the family - in fact, it is now José David’s responsibility. 

When tragedy hit José David’s family three decades ago, they thought about abandoning the farm. It would have been easier and safer. But the family stayed because of the workers. Leaving the farm would have also meant eliminating the livelihood of many families. It was not an option. 

Today, Medellín is a miracled city. From the world’s worst, it became Colombia’s best. And as the city experienced a renewal, so did José David’s farm. 

When José David was in his early 20s, he took over the administration of the farm from his parents. He undertook a bold project: reducing the farm’s tree count by over 85 percent, to focus on quality over quantity. 

The bet paid off. Today, José David’s farm produces consistently high quality coffee cherries, which are then expertly processed in different ways to produce flavorful, impactful and bold coffees. While José David is still very young, he has become a reference in the coffee farming community. In his spare time, José David visits other coffee growers’ farms to teach them about better farming, harvesting and processing practices, in a bid to elevate the quality and reputation of Colombian coffee.