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Who Is ana maría

Ana María is an inspiring young Colombian woman. Instead of selling the family’s farm when her grandfather passed away, she decided to become a coffee farmer too. Since then, she has worked relentlessly to improve the farm’s processes, working conditions and environmental practices to produce exquisite cups of Colombian coffee.

Ana María's Story

Ana María is an inspiring young Colombian woman.

After her grandfather passed away, everyone believed that she would sell the farms that she had inherited. Instead of going the easy way, she held onto the farms and set out to improve them.

It was not easy. Workers from the farms had seen Ana María grow up as a child. They called her La Niña, or little kid. They didn’t see in her the same authority figure as her grandfather. But, she didn’t give up. 

Today, against all odds, Ana, a 5th generation coffee farmer, administers the farm in Quindío, Colombia, with some help from her mother. Ana María manages with a strong, but gentle hand. She compensates her workers above-average wages, treats them with respect and educates them to treat the environment with care.  

Ana María’s story is not only inspiring, but her coffee is also delicious. Castillo and Caturra arabica coffee varietals are widely grown and processed at the family’s own wet mill – that’s where the coffee beans are extracted from the cherries. Ana María also is dedicated to micro-lots and differentiated processes. Delicious honey coffees are prepared, beans are sun dried, and several elaborate maceration and fermentation processes are applied to various micro-lots.