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Is Coffee Good for Your Health? (Part 1)

Coffee helps us wake up in the morning. It keeps us going throughout the day. After a cup of coffee, you feel energized, alert, and awake. It feels healthy - and your body likes it. But is coffee actually good for your body? Read More

Glossary of Specialty Coffee: Understanding Coffee Jargon

If you are new to the world of specialty coffee, you are probably lost in all the terminology. We don’t blame you, we were lost too when we started. To help you get a head start, we put together a glossary of certain terms that are often used in the world of specialty coffee. You can call it a little dictionary or cheat sheet of coffee terms. Read More

Blended coffee, single origin coffee, single farm coffee and microlot coffee? Wtf…

Is all coffee created equal? I thought all coffee was created equal? Isn’t coffee just a means of receiving my morning caffeine boost (and post lunch-coma boost)? These are questions...

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What are Coffee Processes?

Understanding coffee processes. Natural coffee, washed coffees and honey coffees: what are they? Understand how the coffee processes affect the taste of the coffee in your cup and never taste specialty coffee the same way as before. Read More

How Coffee Is Grown? (10 Easy Steps)

  So, you want to start your own coffee farm? Or you just want to learn how to grow coffee? Or you have just wondered how in the world does...

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Coffee story time: our first coffee

May 25th, 2021. A day that I would never forget, for a reason that I never thought I would remember. On this day, Vicente and I were exploring the small...

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We may be crazy, but we have a mission: how our coffee adventure started.

We are Lucas and Vicente. You can call us crazy (we call ourselves that, too!), but back in April of 2021, we quit our cushy corporate jobs to go on...

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